A Reasonable Pace

Many people want to hurry up and get their exercise done so they can move on to other things, but it never pays to work muscles more than necessary. Injuries in the gym are often caused by putting more effort into an exercise than the body can handle, and this is usually a reason why people choose to stop working out. They see it as a dangerous pastime, and they would rather avoid repeating an injury. Exercising at a reasonable pace can avoid this dilemma.

Reaching an exercise goal is about working up to it, so taking it slow at the start is the best way to begin. Those who are concerned they are not getting enough done should consider the fact that an injury will likely stop them from progressing at all, and the time lost will mean they need to start over yet again. Exercising in a productive way means paying attention to what their body can accomplish now, and they need to be patient to work up to their ultimate goals.